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Psychophysical Benefits and Advantages



Promoting neuroplasiticity and reorganizing the nervous system by means of the movement, MovinmeD not only leads to better physical condition, but contributes to the development of all the life processes of the person, making the person  the architect of the overall well-being of its own essence, that is its own body- soul.





  • Increases flexibility and strengthens the joint structures

  • Stretches muscles and tendons and meridians

  • Facilitates the recovery from traumas

  • Develops ambidexterity and independence of neuromuscular chains

  • Increases flexibility and trains the eye muscles for a better sight

  • Helps the mandibular and postural rebalancing




  • Promotes peace of the mind (managing anxiety and stress) and meditative states of consciuosness

  • Increases communication skills (theater, public speaking)

  • Induces energy store (for sport and bodily activities)

  • Increases problem-solving skills and creativity (for arts and work)

  • Harmonizes opposite-complementary  hints: male / female, outside / inside, up / down, fast / slow, etc.




MovinmeD has special advantages for a very flexible use with high possibility to use all the "downtime" of each day.


  • Adaptable to space and time: usable in every place and time of the day

  • Fun and creative: customizable choreographies for individuals and groups

  • Progressive: it fits to the physical - mental condition and age of the person

  • Effective: gives immediate benefit (eg. concentration, relaxation, stretching)

  • Multipurpose: breadth of applications (business, sports, arts, meditation, communication, theater, therapy, psychotherapy, massage, ...)

  • Evolutionary: it stimulates new synapses (neuroplasticity) and expands the sensorimotor map of the body in the brain. 

  • Whole: it involves all the joints and moving parts of the body (eg. eye) in high synergy with the mind

  • Synesthetic: movements with integrated visualizations, sounds, etc.


MovinmeD can bring benefits to many personal and professional areas in life. Find out its applications.






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