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The experience of those who have practiced MovinmeD is our best proof of its effectiveness for both physical and mental sides.


Francesco B. (33 years old) karate master

"A totally new experience, very good both physically and mentally. I discovered new very helpful exercises to calm the mind and relax the muscles at the same time. I did not think there were exercises so complete.”


Ada D. (60) formerly medical science expert of homeopathic medicine

"For years I practiced meditation, yoga, qi gong and other disciplines that come to us from the East, where I've been several times to acquire the philosophy. I find that the practice of MovinmeD has something extra in order to bring the freedom of the mind together with the possibility to direct it where we want. Thanks Walter and welcome MovinmeD. "


Paola D. (55) activities with disabilities

"I'm delighted to have known and participated in MovinmeD courses. I attended Tai Chi in the past. I was able to come up, through the movements of MovinmeD, with concentration and optimal centering very naturally, without much effort. This is a practice that, in my opinion, should be taught in schools, because of its power and effect. "


Mauro F. (60) Retired

In this course I learned to better manage the joints that, at my age, it's not easy.

The concentration that I put to perform the exercises distracts me from the urge to smoke, in fact I have decreased from 30 to 10 cigarettes per day.


Rosa L. (60) (Health care public institution employee) 

"MovinmeD aims to set in motion the parts rarely used. Beginning this practice is giving me the opportunity to awaken a little synergy of the two cerebral hemispheres. The attention that I invest in doing the movements properly clear my head from thoughts, and leads to silence and inner peace. In the morning MovinmeD gives me a boost of clean energy for the whole day. "


Marta R. (47) Educator-Counselor, Trainer

"MovinmeD, since 2013, is for me an important ally in the work for my well-being.

MovinmeD allows me a complete awakening of the body and at the same time an excellent active meditation. It is of benefit to best self-centering: has improved my ability to visualize, my physical and mental flexibility, my relaxation and even more, I practice movinmeD self massages even in moments of stress at office."



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