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MovinmeD for Companies


Companies are more and more aware of work-life balance urgency for a better and better business sustainability. MovinmeD is applicable both for single and for team and can be used in counseling as well in training to improve cooperation and efficiency.




  • Stress management and work-life balance: induce relaxation and power states of the mind, manage inner and outer stressors through specific sequences of movements.


  • Public speaking: expand the nonverbal repertoire, such as facial expressions and postural balance. improve diction and symbolic metaphors to better structure the speech.


  • Solution finding & creativity: more flexible approach to each problem; encouraging insights of solution, through the endless array of movements and forms.


  • Team excellence: increase efficiency and sustainable productivity, expanding synergies and coordination between individuals with creative choreographies. Use of metaphors and symbolism of bodily movements.


  • Leadership, Autoleadership and Decision making: use of movements and geometric shapes (MovinmeDi) to realign and anchor the individuals with business objectives, to develop a more flexible approach with stakeholders, towards more and more systemic and ecological goals.




To improve the work-life balance, we formulated a system of integrated "mind-body" gymnastics with all the benefits of MovinmeD targeted for working people (leaders, managers and professionals). 

Package is customizable for every company profile.


Privileged roles:

  • Decision makers and negotiators (managers and executives) determined to improve ecology of the largest system, and expand the mindset and approach with stakeholders.

  • Professionals who undergo stressful activities (i.e.  the front line staff or task force of emergency and quick solutions to problems)

  • Functional and cross-functional teams for better productivity, increasing synergy, coordination and creativity

  • Groups of Strategic Marketing and R & D, to enable creative solutions


Contact us to arrange for a customized project for your company







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