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The MovinmeD System



Many separate elements of my personal and professional lives have converged to create MovinmeD.

The origin of MovinmeD is my main passion: a never ending quest for the essence of well-being, what unites the effectiveness of many approaches that affect the health of being, in its broadest sense. I investigated and experimented psychological methods, body and mind therapies, martial arts, meditation and spiritual disciplines, arts, rituals, shamanic and religious symbolism. Among the many approaches that have helped to build the originality of MovinmeD deserve mention Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Aikido and Judo, the Alexander method, sacred dances such as Gurdjieff dances. Then transpersonal psychology (Wilber, Grof, Naranjo, Lattuada) and NLP (Dilts, Gordon, Ardui, ...). Elements and experiences disconnected, over the years, formed consistent and integrated patterns, germinating, in 2005, the first sequences of what today is the MovinmeD system. Which, by its living  nature, will not end to develop itself. As an art. As a science. Its heart will go on beating, one with the universal heart.

For this reason I propose MovinmeD events, in synergy with my profession as a psychotherapist, coach, counselor and corporate trainer.

All that was separated, in my professions, it is going to join. And, as a wise man says, you must "unite without confusing, distinguishing without dividing."

Safe journey!


What MovinmeD is

MovinmeD is a system of personal evolution and practice of ultimate wellness. MovinmeD helps reducing stress, restoring balance and alignment, and improving the mental and physical health. Promoting the multiplication of neuronal connections, the synergy of the cerebral hemispheres and the independence of the neuromuscular chains. Therefore MovinmeD is useful for re-aligning and re-balancing the structure, releasing tensions, increasing flexibility and promoting meditative states of consciousness.

MovinmeD works on the ten types of intelligence identified by Gardner and with emotional intelligence. It activates the autonomous nervous system (ANS), depending on the objectives, both ANS parasympathetic (relaxation and meditation) and ANS sympathetic (quick energy and action). It is also feasible through views, sounds, "mudra", self-massages and massages.

MovinmeD increases awareness and psychophysical stretching (Body-soul stretching), triggers a continuous process to the overall well-being, starting from the triad: self-knowledge, self-development and self-evolution.

MovinmeD is structured in countless series of geometric movements with high symbolic value, called MovinmeDi, based on lines, circles, spirals and lemniscates (infinite 8). The MovinmeDi, integrated with the breath, can be performed in the three planes of space with all the consciously moving parts of the body. MovinmeD also has a passive way to be learnt - the operator performs MovinmeDi with the subject. This way is consistent with the latest discoveries of neuroscience, as mirror neurons  and it is useful for people with difficulties to move or for babies and elder people.

By the MovinmeD  epistemology the person is a whole (called body-soul), distinguished, for ease of analysis, on different planes (physical, emotional, mental, transpersonal). Thus, improving even just one of the planes, i.e. the physical plane, this influences the whole body-soul in his journey to own evolution of consciousness and full health.

I love the beauty wherever it is: in the drop of dew as in the circles of the horizon of the holes blacks, in a blade of grass erected to the sky as the jet arc of a source, in the round face of a child as in the lines of the delta or wrinkles of an old woman, in the spiral of a powerful tornado or a galaxy as the sine wave of the songs of the dolphins. The beauty, you know, lies in the eye of the beholder. And I shifted it in the geometry of MovinmeD and in its rigorous and yet improvised sequences.

The deep beauty is related to ethics, which is self realizing in a responsible freedom, at the service of a global and evolving health for everyone and everything. I believe that everything is pushed to evolve, by primordial laws and codes. The MovinmeD is a path consistent with this assumption. It is like an art, such as music: the teacher can teach notes and chords of MovinmeD. And then some songs made by others. But later the invitation to the students is to develop, through MovinmeD, their own beauty by composing their own music, their unique harmonies of the body-soul.

MovinmeD is both aesthetic elegance and athleticism, body awareness and mindfulness enlightening, poetry, body and brain massage. In its advanced form, MovinmeD opens to an integrative consciousness and connects the subtle energy channels of the body-soul.

MovinmeD, as the latest arrival, gives great respect for all the consolidated operating disciplines working for well-being, body-soul health and evolution of being (body-soul). From many of these disciplpines MovinmeD drew important insights to build its originality and effectiveness. The following table summarizes similarities and differences with some of these disciplines.

To whom MovinmeD is useful

MovinmeD is useful to people of any age, physical condition and profession: children, adults, seniors.

It has no contraindications, since it  respects the psychophysical state of the individual, with its limitations and capabilities,.

Useful to athletes as to managers, to artists as to lovers of martial arts. For this reason there are different applications, such as those for children, to improve learning with body and mind, to improve sports performance and art, meditation and personal development, for the maintenance and expansion of health, including elderly people, for the management of anxiety and stress and for the prevention of trauma and dysfunctions. In extreme cases of disability or obstacles to move the body, the person can receive passive movements or use visualizations.

Because of its versatility, MovinmeD is very suitable to business objectives, by supporting training and coaching management, underpinned by the skills of the people implementing it, such as aliquis partner 


Walter Gioia (Milan, Italy)

Psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and corporate trainer. Co-founder of Aliquis.

He developed the MovinmeD as a result of a long research about the common essence of effectiveness among different approaches, including: Tai chi, qi gong, Feldenkrais, shamanic dances, massage, martial arts, spiritual and holistic rituals.

He has published two novels by his research trips in the Americas.




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